Wednesday, February 3, 2010

TAKE IT BACK in 11/10

The new rallying cry for America is " Take it Back in 11/10 " . Yes Americans will vote out these incompetents and take back our country. We will send the message loud and clear, we can't wait till eleven - ten. That's right a November to remember. November 2010, change is a coming !!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Robert Spencer & Jihad Watch on libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs

Posted over at Jihad Watch today:


Before libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs betrayed all his principles, friends and allies, he had held voting for The Fallaci. The Fallaci was an award given to a stalwart warrior for human rights against the global jihad, and was named for my dear and much-missed friend, the magnificent freedom fighter Oriana Fallaci, to whom I paid tribute here.

But as Johnson began to convert Little Green Footballs from a site for freedom's defense into a cesspool of defamation, hate, personal destruction and tired Leftist cliches, he (not surprisingly) quietly deep-sixed The Fallaci, and that was that -- until the good folks at The Blogmocracy (formerly known as Little Green Footballs 2, until the bile-choked libelblogger threatened legal action) revived it. And now the voting is on!

I am honored to note that I am among the candidates, but in this illustrious company I should not win, and you shouldn't vote for me. Stop by The Blogmocracy and vote for Geert Wilders! And thanks to the folks over there for reviving this award.

The superb award graphic above, by the way, is the work of the excellent anti-jihad artist Bosch Fawstin.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Un Real

Is he smarter than a Sixth-Grader? President Obama uses a Teleprompter to talk to a 6th grade class in Falls Church, VA. This has got to be Photo shopped right? NO !!! more photos here.

Spencer, Geller & the Gray Lady on CJ

Right Wing Flame War!!
Jonathan Dee
Published: January 21, 2010

This all makes for interesting reading :

I too miss Walter, but I sure don't miss Charlie.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shot Heard 'Round the World

Scott Brown wins in Massachusetts, yep, elections have consequences.

Shell-shocked by the victory of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, the White House is offering mixed messages on whether Congress will pass health care this year.

"I think it's always hard to tell how these things sort out in the first hours," President Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod told Fox News on Wednesday when asked if health care was now dead. "I think people are trying to figure this out. We'll know more soon. I don't believe we came all this way and are going to walk away from it. I think it would be a terrible mistake."

But asked again whether he was sure Congress would pass health care, Axelrod hesitated.

"I believe there is going to be a will to move forward," Axelrod said. "The benefits of doing it are much greater than the peril of not moving forward at this point."

Atta Boy Axelrod keep it moving forward and come November 2010 we can move more cronies out of the Senate & House. Does the Liberal Left get it ? I hope NOT.

Exactly one year after Obama was inaugurated, the Massachusetts meltdown mirrors the White House meltdown.

Hopefully the Shot Heard 'Round the World will be heard and repeated by voters come election day in November 2010 throughout the USA.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome To Banned By Little Green Footballs

I myself am not a true blogger, I just wanted to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for those who were banned at the infamous LGF forum by Charles Johnson. I also created this due to the simple fact that most people are creating blogs, and I myself would prefer to command the title of a blogger but nor the time nor the inclination. Having said that, once again, I am not a blogger, but more of a comment person. So, as you would assume, I would greatly appreciate that YOU comment on MY blog. I would like to hear about your experiences of being banned by LGF. Why were you banned?
So once again, welcome to all, and "Mi blog es su blog."